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Welcoming & Safe Spaces at Legal Aid Saskatchewan

May 9, 2024

"With my heritage as a Plains Cree, I learned of the art of beading. I enjoy the diversity of art and how traditional beading can cross over into other mediums.

Having been raised by my Caucasian grandmother, I was encouraged to express myself with my imagination in my art, including my beading.

Like many artists, I have struggles that both influence and sometimes inhibit my work.

Life for many of us isn't easy but I'm grateful for my mother, her love and continued support.

I like to share my work and like to learn from other artists and their mediums.

Life is art and art is life."

- Jordan Mackenzie Bruce Schell

We recently commissioned local artist Jordan Schell to create a custom visual representation of Legal Aid Saskatchewan’s commitment to safe spaces for our Indigenous and LGBTQIA2S+ communities. We appreciate the thoughtful intent Jordan applied in this piece, including the vibrant, textured paint and intricate beadwork.

Each of our Area Offices will receive a copy of Jordan’s art to enhance the welcoming and safe spaces we provide for our clients.

Thank you, Jordan!