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Complaints about Legal Aid clients

Legal Aid Saskatchewan investigates all complaints about people who are receiving Legal Aid. If you believe that you know someone who is incorrectly receiving Legal Aid, please submit your concerns in writing. Legal Aid Saskatchewan takes each complaint very seriously and conducts a thorough investigation to determine its validity.

Due to confidentiality regulations, Legal Aid Saskatchewan will not report the results of that investigation to the person making the complaint.

Complaints or feedback about lawyers

Legal Aid Saskatchewan also investigates complaints about lawyers who have been employed or retained by Legal Aid to represent individuals. To give feedback or to make a complaint about a lawyer, submit it in writing for review and follow-up.

People may also wish to make a complaint to the Law Society of Saskatchewan. The Law Society sets standards for the education, professional conduct, and competence of lawyers in Saskatchewan.

To give feedback or make a complaint

To make a complaint, please do so in writing either by mail or e-mail to:
Chief Executive Officer
Legal Aid Saskatchewan
  Head Office
#502-201 21st Street East