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Policies & Conditions


In order to represent Legal Aid clients, solicitors must apply to be on our panel. Legal Aid Saskatchewan expects all solicitors to be familiar with the policies and conditions of joining our panel.  Please see documents below for details.


Submit the completed form by fax to (306) 933-6764 or by email to with the subject line “Panel Application.”


(If your browser does not automatically download the form, while on the link, right click with the mouse and select “Open in New Tab").


After consultation with the Law Society of Saskatchewan, effective January 1, 2021, Legal Aid Saskatchewan has increased the legal aid tariff rate to $92 per hour for matters being billed hourly and a proportionate increase to the fixed rates and agent fees.


This rate is effective on all appointments issued with an effective date January 1, 2021. Please note that the new rate is not retroactive.