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Legal Aid Saskatchewan is currently one of the only staff-based legal aid plans in Canada. In 2022-2023 staff lawyers handled 85% of full-service cases. Private bar lawyers handled the remainder, usually due to conflicts of interest from past service or staff vacancies. At March 31, 2022 LAS had 175 staff positions located in 14 offices throughout the province. LAS has a unionized workplace, with 84.57% of staff represented by CUPE Local 1949. Managers and out-of-scope staff comprise the remaining 15.43%.

LAS is committed to hiring practices that will assist our organization in meeting the employment equity goals set by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC) as follows:

Organizational Structure

Legal Aid Saskatchewan is composed of 13 Area Offices (plus 1 Head Office) in 11 communities across Saskatchewan. Each office serves clients within a certain geographical boundary and each office, although governed by broad policies, is independently operated and adapts to the communities it serves. 

The organizational structure is as follows: