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Legal Aid Community Resources

Learn more about Legal Aid Saskatchewan, including our financial test, what it’s like working with your lawyer, and a collection of our annual reports. We also provide a list of other community organizations that may be able to help with your legal problems.

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General Legal Aid FAQs

An overview of common questions about Legal Aid Saskatchewan services and eligibility.

Working With Your Lawyer

What can you expect from your lawyer? What does your lawyer expect of you?

Financial Eligibility

How do I know if I'm eligible to receive help from Legal Aid Saskatchewan?

Feedback & Concerns

What to do if you have feedback or complaints about Legal Aid Saskatchewan lawyers or clients.

Gladue and You

The "Gladue and You” brochure provides a short primer of relevant information on Gladue/Gladue Reports for Legal Aid Saskatchewan’s Indigenous clients, to inform them of the process and their rights.

Gladue Reports

A Gladue report contains personal information about your background, your experiences as an Indigenous person, your family, and community's history.

Annual Reports

Explore recent and past annual reports of Legal Aid Saskatchewan operations.

Speaking Requests

Legal Aid Saskatchewan is available for speaking engagements to discuss justice issues.

Legal Services Organizations

Learn about other legal services within Saskatchewan that are available to those in financial need.

Are you eligible for legal aid?

Figure out if you're eligible to receive assistance from Legal Aid Saskatchewan.
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How do you apply for legal aid?

There are a few ways for you to apply for legal aid. We'll show you how.
Learn How to Apply