Private Bar Process Review

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, Legal Aid Saskatchewan conducted a review of our private bar lawyer services and payments process in order to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. The goal was to streamline the system and present best practices, for things such as standardizing approvals and payments. Standardized processes ensure efficient and consistent decision-making, response and payment to our valued private bar service providers, while remaining accountable to our mission.

The final report can be viewed here: Private Bar Billing Modernization: Sustaining Access to Justice

Implementation of the recommendations in this report are underway. This implementation aims to:

  • Better meet the expectations and needs of the private bar
  • Increase staff engagement and satisfaction
  • Deliver services in a cost-effective and efficient manner
  • Limit risk and ensure adequate oversight and accountability

The implementation commenced October 1, 2022 and will conclude September 31, 2023.

Legal Aid Saskatchewan management, staff, and key stakeholders (in particular the private bar) will be consulted during the implementation of the recommendations.