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Legal Services

Legal Advice — General

Legal Aid Saskatchewan may provide summary advice, information, or any other type of minimal legal service to anyone if it involves no more than a brief discussion or phone call. It is up to the discretion of each office as to whether or not offer these services.

Legal Advice/Representation — Custody

Legal Aid Saskatchewan (LAS) provides three types of in-custody service which is offered to any client regardless of financial situation. We provide three types of in-custody service:

  • Phone Service (Brydges): immediate (although temporary) legal advice by telephone, to any person who is arrested or detained. This service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to those who have been arrested. This service referred to as "Brydges" per the Supreme Court of Canada decision R. v. Brydges.
  • Duty Counsel Advice: Once an in-custody individual has contacted Brydges, a LAS lawyer may arrive in person at the detention centre to offer further advice to that individual.
  • Duty Counsel Service: A LAS lawyer may provide representation to an individual in their first court appearance. This representation is minimal unless the individual applies and is eligible for full service representation.

Legal Representation — Full Service

For those cases that fit our range of services, individuals receive the full representation of one of our 80+ lawyers. Individuals do not have a choice of lawyer as they are assigned as per each office's rotation. In cases of conflict of interest or workload, an office may "farm out" their case to a lawyer in private practice.